Enjoy the sumptuous private escape of our Couple’s Suite, complete with jakuzi for two. Enjoy a massage with a friend or romantic partner on side-by-side massage tables set within our Couple’s Room. Our therapists work in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience.

A traditional Turkish hammam treatment in the luxurious setting of the Azur SPA at D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris. This experience will leave you refreshed and renewed, as it has been done since ancient times.

*Turkish Bath Experience 20’
Escape your busy lifestyle and enjoy a relaxing body scrub application in the warm and inviting Turkish bath.

*Foam Massage 20’ 
Relax your body with a foam massage in the traditional Turkish bath.

*Turkish Bath Therapy With Body Scrub and Foam 40’
Those looking for deep relaxation and pampering will enjoy our combination of the body scrub and foam massage treatments.

We offer a wide range of solution led Azur SPA body treatments and massages, each one designed and tailored specifically to ensure you experience the best physical and emotional therapeutic benefits depending on your needs.

Peeling 30'
The peeling method encourages the elimination of the toxins from the body, cleansing the skin from inside-out and accelerating blood circulation.

Scincare after tanning 30'
This personalized skin care treatment and facial massage gives the skin a long-lasting healthy glow through manipulating pressure points.

Eye Area Therapy 20’
Sothys eye therapy aids the recovery of softness and flexibility in the delicate eye area and helps to alleviate the appearance of dark circles and fine lines by easing the accumulated tension around the eyes.

Rejuvenating Skincare 35’
Basic facial packages help to cleanse, nourish and soothe your skin, leaving you with moist and soft skin that looks clear and healthy.

Anti-aging Skincare 40’
Achieve healthier and younger-looking skin with our anti-aging solutions. Our special treatment hydrates your skin, giving it the moisture it needs to look younger and full of vitality.

Classic Skincare 35’
Through our specialist skincare routine, we map your skin and apply a range of treatments through an effective cleanser application, mask and face massage.

Décolleté and Skin Care for Sensitive Skin 40’
This rejuvenating facial massage therapy reduces rashes and redness leaving your skin clear and balanced.

Acne Treatment  40’
This treatment is ideal for blackheads, blemishes and acne. Our acne-control treatment contains special sulfur and coal properties that improve the skin's balance and prevent further breakouts, leaving you with clearer, smoother skin.

We offer a wide range of solution led Azur SPA body treatments and massages, each one designed and tailored specifically to ensure you experience the best physical and emotional therapeutic benefits depending on your needs.

*Indian Head Massage  30’
A soothing massage that nourishes your hair and scalp through the application of a special blend of warm oil.

*Back Massage 30’
This massage targets the back area and seeks to relax muscles and soothe back pain, it is great for relieving tension and stress.

*Lomi Lomi Massage 50’
Lomi-lomi is an ancient form of Hawaiian massage and it has a deeply spiritual component that helps to awaken positive energy and provide physical and mental relaxation through the gentle manipulation of the body's energy points.

*Anti Cellulite Massage 50’
Anti cellulite Massage applications contain a unique blend of minerals and plant extracts that increase the metabolism and encourage the skin to undergo a renewal process that firms and tightens the skin.

*Aromatherapy 50’
Aromatherapy massages use unique blends of essential oils derived from plants to achieve therapeutic benefits. The massage soothes your soul, relaxes your senses, gives you energy and helps to relieve muscle aches and pains.

*Oriental Massage  50’
A therapy that combines Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Lymphatic Drainage to achieve the benefits that these various massage techniques have to offer.

*Deep Tissue Massage 50’
Deep Tissue massage is designed to get the most out of your muscles through manipulating and stretching the muscles and connective tissues in order to provide relaxation and relief. The massage can be applied to the entire body or can be used to focus on specific tense muscles.

*Hot Stone Therapy 60’
Hot stone therapy uses treated volcanic stones to promote relaxation and eliminate negative energy.

*Thai Massage 60’
Thai massage involves stretching and deep massage and focuses on pressure points that are aligned with the body's energy lines. The therapists apply pressure to specific points using their thumbs, hands and feet in order to accelerate the body's energy flow. Thai massage improves flexibility, reduces stress, stimulates internal organs and balances the body's energy system.

*Bali Massage 50’
This massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and "qi" (energy) around your body while relieving muscle tension. Powerful movements are focused on the hands and feet, giving immediate results and a sense of deep calm.

*Refleksoloji 20’
This treatment focuses on the hands and feet and seeks to activate reflex points of the organs in the body. The massage action stimulates the healing systems and assists wellbeing.